Coiski is a full-service interactive agency and edutainment platform that believes true, “content is king.” “3-E” is short-hand for the fundamental three-prong mission of Coiski: Equip, Edutain and Enlighten. Coiski offers seven services: video storytelling/production, logo creation, web design, photography, print graphics, digital graphics, social media strategy and social media management. Essentially, WE CREATE CONTENT.

As Coiski’s Web Development Intern, my main responsibilities include:

  • Used all my HTML, CSS, Javascript, and coding and developing skills the to help create and maintain the best sites for Coiski’s clients.
  • Editing and updating all of Coiski’s clients’ websites weekly.
  • Help develop and design websites for new clients.
  • Coding to fix any technical and design errors.
  • Add in any updates needed to websites.


One-third of coiski is a full-service interactive agency that helps its clients – established brands, up-and-coming brands, startups, personal brands and young professionals – to engage with specific target markets through creative, strategic and technical development of products and services.


Yes, ‘edutain’ is a word in the dictionary, and it describes this sector of our philosophy to the tee. Coiski is part edutainment digital media platform that produces different forms of communication and mass media, such as video, print and photography, to simultaneously entertain and educate.


Through our blog, we want you to know the people behind some of the brands, initiatives and social media strategies that you love. Coiski reports on trends in tech, mass media and documents the happenings of the creative brands and people in the media world. Essentially, we keep up with the “content kings.”