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The Power of Music.

Music has a way of connecting people like nothing else can. Feeling the rhythm of a song, hearing the tone of a melody, or dancing to the sound of the bass. Music is universal. There are no language barriers when jamming to a beat. Song of the day:

About the Creator

me eating on Bourbon

Welcome! Just a few things about myself, I'm from El Paso, TX and now reside in San Marcos, TX while attending Texas State University. I am currently a junior majoring in public relations with a concentration in digital & online media and minoring in computer science. For as long as I can remember, I've had a huge love for music. You can even call it an obsession but I think any of my friends would vouch for me when I say you can trust me to play some good beats. Some of the best experiences of my life involve the world of music. Going to music festivals and shows is such a huge part of who I am , why not share it.