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Festival Logs:

Buku Music + Art Project

New Orleans, March 10-11th

Buku Music + Art Project, hands down, was the best time I had at a music festival out of any of the ones I've been to so far. I've been lucky enough to attend a handful of music festivals throughout the country and every time I think there's no way the last one I attended could be topped, I never ceased to be amazed. Buku Fest really stands out in a unique way.

Bukrew at Graffiti wall

A captivating, two-day experience held within Mardi Gras World, Buku Fest returned to New Orleans for the 6th year in a row. This was also my first time really experiencing New Orleans, and I could instantly tell how much the festival is inspired by the city itself. The art is definitely the most unique aspect that makes Buku stand out from other festivals. As you walk amongst the festival grounds you are surrounded by an immense amount of art, colors, graffiti walls, lights, paintings and beautiful views of the water with boats passing by. There is just so much culture constantly going on around you, that there was not a single moment that wasn't surrounded by high vibes and good music.

The stages were also embodied this colorful New Orleans culture. My friends and I luckily got VIP stage viewing passes, so it made our experience even that much more wild. Just outside the Float Den stage were artists literally creating their work, while break dancers, acrobats, and stilt walkers blended with the walking crowds amongst the grounds. The festival arguably could be the answer for this region's major festival such as Ultra or EDC. And what I liked about this festival versus others is that it offers a decidedly stronger hip-hop component. Since their first year in 2012, Buku consistently drops the big names in Rap and EDM music. By continuing to pack a punch with these lineups, I see no reason to why Buku won't end up being this regions star festival. Checkout their Facebook and Twitter for more info too!

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Buku Full Lineup
Buku back alley stage
Buku Fest Dancers
Buku crowd during Ghastly herobust
Me in front of buku graffiti wall