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Space Jesus

Now for all you bass lovers out there, this is the guy you need to watch out for. Jasha Tull, known as Space Jesus, is a heavy bass enthusiast to say the least. I've had the chance to hear him live twice and let me just say... my jaw has never dropped so low, literally almost reaching the floor. He throws the most absolute ridiculously funky, underground, heavyyyyyyyy futuristic bass. He is definitely number one in the race for the ever evolving search of future beats. His production is like nothing I’ve ever heard.

Jasha was born in New Jersey and was raised listening to a lot of hip-hop. He now currently resides in Colorado and continues to explore the electronic universe for, as he says, “lower frequencies, future feels, and fire beats.” His website describes him as “the feeling you get when you travel through a wormhole in a fresh pair of Jordans.” This couldn’t be more accurate. When you see him live he gives a sort of intangible like presence and really does take your ears on a journey into space (hence the word space) and into the future of music. This Spaceman marks his unique signature sound onto any genre he graces with some deep alien baselines, fresh gangster beats and heavy futuristic vibes.

While storming the electronic music scene and building his reputation with his dynamic live sets, Space Jesus is only getting started. He’s already made appearances at huge festivals such as Mysterland, Shambhala and Tomorrowworld. Get a taste of his deep production sounds by checking out his SoundCloud, but make sure you have your grime faces on and bass hats ready. And if you ever get the chance to see him live, I would highly recommend doing so because listening only online simply doesn’t do justice to the full space effect. Expect to hear big things from this guy, for this is only just the beginning. Strap your belts and take a seat future space cadets.

space jesus soundcloud pic

The Space Man himself

space jesus at buku

Space Jesus (right) and Minnesota (left) playling b2b live at Buku Fest 2017

Take a trip into his wormhole of Bass:


Get your groove on to their funky beats:

Griz playing live with saxophone

Griz playing live on stage with saxophone as usual

Grizmatik at Buku Fest

Griz (left) Gramatik (right) before playing Buku Fest 2017

The joining of Big Gigantic and Grizmatik

The funky styled artists Big Gigantic, Griz and Gramatik joining forces as "Big Grizmatik"

If you like to groove to some live saxophones, bass and percussions, then you need to check out this ridiculously talented collaboration known as GRiZMATiK. Many of you EDM listeners have probably heard of GRiZ or Gramatik; GRiZMATiK is simply the joining forces of these two powerful artists who have very similar styles of futuristic hip-hop and funk that's evolved into the electronic dance scene genres.

Both GRiZ and Gramatik have been popular amongst a lot of the same fans from the beginning. Both known for their production quality, it's definitely no secret they know about synthesis and compression like it's their second nature. They bring such strong staccato quality to their sounds, it made total sense why these two groovy dudes would collab. I've had a chance to seen this duo live, as well as GRiZ solo, and they were for sure the most vibey sets I've ever seen. With their live saxophone and percussion playing, they really take you on a trip into time where hip-hop and jazzy funk meet like it's the first time.

Grizmatik's official promo video for "Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom". I promise you it's worth watching the entire video :)

The results of these two funk master's work over the past few years only continues to exceeded expectations. Their newest track "As We Proceed" took production to another level to say the least. This smooth, funky vibed song will have you playing it on repeat for weeks. Much like both of GRiZ and Gramatik's solo work, (both releasing albums in 2016), their smooth jazzy sounds, crisp beats, and tight sub-sonic frequencies, make every aspect work together in constant synchronization with the funk and groove.

The joining of Big Gigantic and Grizmatik